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BETTY is the original musical trio that perfoms worldwide as a popular band; and as representative Arts Envoys for the US Department of State promoting diversity, equality, acceptance, and the empowerment of girls and women.

The Alley Pals

family music

Performing songs and stories for the Tot Rock and Pre-Tween set, The Alley Pals perform community outreach and lend their talents to benefits, fundraisers and arts events in New York City.  The first Alley Pals album is being recorded now for multi-media presentation.

Long-time musical collaborators, Tony Salvatore and Alyson Palmer are a songwriting duo who performs blues-based folk and Lounge Pop in New York City and beyond.



clients & collaborations

Some of the most fun productions have been:

Chix Lix (creator & musical director).

Croix Sather's Run Across America. (project coordinator)

Sara Curry Prechool (event producer)

BR Productions (event planner & road manager)

CDS Winter Fair (booking & musical director)

Various commercials (talent, production, scoring)

Mamarox  (blog) & The Mominatrix (parenting blog)

Full cv available upon request.


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