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Alyzon is a creative enterprise with imaginative ideas, smart solutions and artful actions to achieve any ambition.  

Based in New York City, Alyzon amplifies ideas to help believers reach the next step of their happily ever after.   




Songwriter.  Vocalist.  Bass.  Guitar.  Music Director.  Casting Director. Producer.  Arranger.  Emcee. Lounge pop.  Blues.  Children's Music.  

Expert at every aspect of entertainments, from simple to epic.



Lyrics.  Proposals.  Reviews.  Opinions.  Announcements.  PR. Spreadsheets.  Introductions.  Reports.  Love letters.  Text for comix and visual media.  Songs, sonnets and stories.



Events.  Musical Series.  Marketing Campaigns.  Political Actions.  

Short Films.  Commemorative Books.  Entertainment Events.  Group Tours and Adventures.

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